Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tips For Starting A Photography Business - Tip #1

Starting a photography business is more than just purchasing equipment and learning all about the technical stuff. If you focus on all the settings and equipment in the beginning, you will most likely never get started. You'll get discouraged like I did :-)

I'm not saying that it's not important, but there's a few thing you need to think about before you go out an register your business name. This one tip will make it fun and get you started in the right direction.

Watch the video and I'll explain.


Justin said...

Thank you for this tip, it is a big helper that I will use.

Nigel Chas Fowler said...

Thanks for all the great advice through out the videos, i hope i can put it to good use, regards Nigel ( from England )

Kenny Howse said...

I've just received the NPB DVDs and am working through them, I'm hoping to put all of this advice to very good use very soon!

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