Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Beginner Photography Business Questions

Hey Everyone,

I hope things are going well.

Here is a new short Podcast to answer a few more questions. I talk about lighting and watermarking proofs.

Let me just say this again. Don't go over the top trying to do all these complicated lighting set ups at first. Keep it simple and learn to get a nice exposure. If your exposures are on...your pictures will look fine.

We were guilty of this in the beginning as well and looking back, if we would have just kept things less complicated, we would of been smarter.

I'm mostly talking to the guys. (LOL) We tend to over think things.

I will try and get another Podcast out to you real soon.

Here is the Blog that I posted on YouTube.

I'll talk to ya soon!

Enjoy the Podcast.


Keep the questions coming in under the "Submit Your Questions" link.

I should be posting some news about my secret project real soon. Stay tuned!