Sunday, April 27, 2008

Study Our Website

I recently included a link to our website in the Bonus section of our course. If you missed the link you can access it here.

Use our websites galleries to study, study, study.

I know in the beginning we would study other photographers websites to get our creative juices flowing. Sometimes once you see an idea, it helps with your own portrait shoots.

You will also see some of the classic props we use to receive some really priceless shots.

Also, pay attention to what we include on our website. We send every client that calls our studio to the website for samples of our work. This has been a great tool for our business and is what will sell your portrait style. You just can't receive the same results in a yellow page Ad or newspaper.

I will be doing a video on why a website is important and what to include in yours in a future Module. I will also show you how I create flash slideshows to display our work.

So, go check out our website and study our shots.

If you want to go straight to the's the link.


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HowGreaThouArt said...

So where did you get the props? The swing? And other? Very nice!