Friday, April 11, 2008

We're Giving Away 5 Courses

Our course giveaway is now over.


Thank You to all who entered this contest.

It was a difficult decision and we wish we could give everyone a copy of the learning materials found in NewPhotoBiz 1.0.

We narrowed it down to 10 finalists and then asked our children to pick the 5 winners out of a hat. We felt that this was the fairest way to select the winners.

Our Contest Winners are:

  1. Kaylea
  2. Bridget
  3. Stephanie
  4. Shelley
  5. Gisela

We will be contacting all the winners via email to give instructions on how to access their prizes. If you do not receive an email from us, please contact us at

Thanks Again to everyone that has submitted their stories and good luck.

The winners will receive full online access to:

NewPhotoBiz 1.o - the learning materials in 3 different versions
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Ebook

Bonus #1: Over 4 hrs of additional help videos + some help PDF's

Bonus #2: 16 Photoshop Tutorials

Bonus #3 $25 Rebate on NewPhotobiz 1.0 the complete system that includes "Digital Creations Volumes 1 - 10.


Heather said...
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Heather said...

My name is Heather and I've been doing Photography for as long as I can remember...always been just for fun..hobby you could say...and I've grown to love it very much. I've started taking pictures as a business...never had any education for it...except from what I've learned online. I live in a small town...and there are no photography schools close around here that I can take classes at. I'm a mother of 3 children...and as anyone would know...financially I couldn't afford to go to school to learn everything I don't already know. I love taking pictures...and have every intention of making a business out of it...I hope that I get chosen for this course so that I may get the help I need to get off in the right directions with my business.

Thank you!!

Littleob said...

I always loved photography because you are not just photographing a person, you are capturing their souls in a way. I recently got married and of course hired a professional photographer. I wanted every special moment to be captured as I had invisioned but when I received the pictures, oh my...what a disappointment! I know that I could have photographed my own wedding better and I'm not a professional..not yet. Since then, I have enrolled into a photography school but seeing your website has givin me a lot of inspiration to continue on with my passion as a full time career. I always thought that it would be too difficult to start a business but after you broke down the steps on how to start, I have a new outlook & am going to apply for a dba as soon as I get enough training! Therefore, I hope that I am one of the very lucky one's who get's chosen for your course!Thank you!!!

Littleob said...
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Rob Lewis said...

my name is Rob Lewis, im 17 and i want to get my career in pohotography off the ground. im making due with what i have and well... i dont live the life a normal 17 year old lives.
my parents are getting a divorce and money is an issue, currently our huse is for sale and we are hoping it sells beofore foreclosure (did i spell that right?)
anyway most of my paychecks dont go to normal 17 year old things, like movies or gas money... it goes directly towards camera equipment... and i am proud of what i have as i have actually earned it, nothing wat just handed to me on a silver platter. photography is a passion of mine and to hone my skills i would give free photoshoots to my friends and family. i want to go to college, but they are expensive and im going to have to work a few years untill i save up enough to even think about it, i would be the first erson in my family to atend college and that means alot to me. i would love a chance to make something out of myself in this world.
thank you,
Rob Lewis

Kaylie said...

Hello, my name is Kaylie. Photography is my passion. Ever since I can remember I've taken photographs. When I was eight years old I set up a "studio" and took my family's portraits. As I've gotten older I've still held onto my love of the art. I am twenty years old, and have attended a local college for two years. However the school that I am going to does not have a photogrpahy program or anything that could benefit me like your course could. I believe it is very important to love your career, which is why I've chosen this path. I've been praying and searching for some kind of help to get my photography business running, and finally I ran into your site. :) I don't have anyone to help me with business questions, let alone photography questions and I know that your course will be able to guide me. I've watched your two videos on legal issues and lighting and I feel like I've already learned alot. Thank you for taking the time to help those of us who want to become what we've always dreamed. Thank you for your help! God bless!


Anonymous said...

Today is Mother's Day! Photos, to me, are the most indelible way of leaving a print on our hearts and souls. Over the last year and half I have been learning to use my Nikon DSLR and playing around with Photoshop. I have always loved photos since I have been a very little girl. I am dreaming of converting a room in our home as a photography studio. I have been searching for as many resources as possible to help me in this endeavor.

I am also dabbling in photo restoration of old photographs. I have going through lots of family photos. My parents are deceased and I lost a sister and two brothers in an auto accident so photos are a way of remembering those happy and memorable events of being a family. Photos are a wonderful way of capturing "the moment" and having them forever!
I am no longer employed outside the home due to the job market. My best opportunity is to take my passion and love of photography and bring as much creativity, love, and joy to others as I capture those special moments.
I am constantly taking my camera with me everywhere and taking shots of events, landscapes as well as close-ups of flowers and plants, and people. I really want to learn to create beautiful portraits! I love it that you started your business with photos that you had taken of your children and expanded to your own studio. That's exactly what I would love to do and experience! I am appreciative of the information in the two videos you have provided! Since money is an issue at this time, I am trying my best to learn what I can by searching free resources on the internet and have purchased a few books to start me on my way.
Thanks again for the information and inspiration! I, too, would enjoy sharing what I have learned with others.

Thank you!

Dale said...

Good Day from Houston, Texas !

My name is Dale. I’m a 56 year old who presently works as a Student Advisor in a Private College System. About a year and a half ago I lost complete vision of my right eye. This really hasn’t slowed me down, however, I have lost a tremendous amount of normal depth perception and right side peripheral vision, which does affect my driving. Daytime is not so bad, but at night I really have to stay on guard. Knowing that this is not only dangerous to myself, but could be dangerous to other motorist, and having to work late nights a couple times a week, I made the decision a few months ago to pursue a past passion of mine; photography. I intend to open a home based studio in the very near future.

I realize that I’m going to have an entirely unique set of hurtles to work around as a photographer with only one good eye. Many years ago I did do shoots of dancers in the adult entertainment industry here in Houston. These types of glamour shoots did not really require proper lighting, backdrops or composure. All I really did was semi-pose and shoot.

I now really want to learn the proper methods required to become an outstanding photographer, and be successful in my home based endeavor. I’m more than confident in myself, but do realize that I require the proper training that your course would provide. Please consider me as a candidate for one of your free offerings.

I remain,

Dale Platt (Popeye)

Simaryon said...

My name is Simaryon. I have had a love of photography for some time now. I am in the process of starting up a photography studio and am in need of some guidance. So far, I have learned so much from your blog and your website and I would love to learn more from you! I currently work in a home for develomentally disabled adults and I'd like to learn techniques so that I could photograph them during their parties and other events as well as taking their portraits for their families to enjoy. There aren't many services in my area that cater to this special population and I'd like to make beautiful portraits available for them. Thank you for your cosideration...If chosen, I will use every bit of what I learned to enrich the lives of many people...especially those who have enriched mine.

Bridget said...

My name is Bridget. I've always had a passion for catching that special moment in people's lives, especially of those tender moments of babies and children. I just recently took the biggest step and bought a Nikon D80 camera with a SB 800 flash and a reflector to play with lighting. I know it's not a top of the line camera but it's what I could afford. I absolutely LOVE what this camera can do so far. I take it everywhere with me just to practice. I've been reading the book on the camera and trying to figure out all it can do. I've started doing baby photography for free for friends just to get practice. I'm currently trying to find out the best lighting system to use to start a home based business in my home. There are too many options, it gets really confusing whether to choose Tungsten or strobe lights with sync cords or pocket wizards. Your two free internet downloads helped alot. I'm very much of a watch and learn compared to the sit down with a photography book and learn. I would benefit from this course because I don't have any free time to take a course between working and taking care of a family with two kids. I'm trying to start up the business part time until I can afford to quit my other job. I truely believe that photography is about capturing that special look that gets to the heart of the person. I want to thank you either way for the 2 free courses you already offered and for sharing your expertise. All the information I can get is a great help. It's scary to try and start a business without any formal training. Thanks and God Bless.

Jessi said...

Hi, my name is Jessi. My husband and I are very much like your wife and yourself. My husband is working 14 hours a day in NYC while I am home with the kids. My husband has a fantastic eye for photography and has been taking pictures for over 15 years. We recently thought it would be a wonderful idea to start a home photography business on the side while he is still working and build it up to something that can be profitable. He has amazing skills in Photoshop and with 3D art as well which will come in handy for designing logos and banners etc for ourselves. I have an MBA in Marketing and Business Management, and am very willing and able to help with the business aspects for us.

We are really enjoying the information you are providing and can't wait for more! Our long term goal is to have our own Photography business up, running and profitable within the next 2-5 years.

We would love to be considered for the free course! Also, I have not been able to find a location to pay for courses? Is that available?

Thank you for your consideration!
Jessi & Sean

Wendywoo24 said...

Hi Scott, my name is Wendy and I am a 57 year old I'm not I am now a 57 year old graduate (BA (Hons) Fine Arts) having just received my results. I took up photography two years ago as it was a compulsory module in my degree. Hated the very thought of it but then got an A for my efforts and my camera and I became like Siamese twins (joined at the eyeball). I have majored in fine art landscape photography for my final year but have also taken many photographs of my grand-children and the children of other relatives and friends. I especially love to see their faces when they see themselves in the photos. I often change the original image on Photoshop and achieve some very interesting results. I would love to be one of the lucky ones to receive your course as all of my money for the past 4 years has gone on equipment both photographic and artistic. Many thanks for the free lessons you give, they have helped me no end to understand what I should and should not be doing now I have finally finished at uni. Hope the Christening goes well, best regards, Wendy.

Luis said...

Hi and thank you for doing this awesome thing; the question that I asked myself is why do I need your video, I can say well I love photography it is my passion but is not only that, I have been working with computers my whole live and even though its been great I have had lots of down falls, I love what I do for work but I have been layoff at least around 11 times since 1990, last layoff was February this year, as you can see it’s been an up and down situation for the last 18 years. Now here is the question you may ask yourself, why is he telling me all this? Easy, I love photography, it’s been in me since I remember (14 - 15 years old) but never had the opportunity of owning a decent camera, one way or another I managed to take photos; I got my first DSLR camera this past November and it has been a blast, cannot be happier, my dream is turning reality, and what better then do what you like and make a leaving out of it, I would like to turn my life around by capturing moments and do what I like the most. I see photography as my ticket out to freedom; I was working about 60 to 65 hours a week on my previews job. Been my own boss and having the opportunity of making my own schedule it’s a great thing this way I can have more free time to dedicate to my wife and 2 daughters which I love so much. To learn photography I have the internet, some books and my camera, also watching videos like yours and reading forums and blogs; If I get your professionally done video will be a blessing since is like having you at all time , I don’t know how much will be but most likely I would not be able to afford it, I hope that if I'm not one of the chosen ones you make your video affordable for my budget.

Thank you

Stephanie said...

Wow, you already have a lot of eager potential students awaiting their chance at this golden opportunity. I am just thrilled that I happened upon your blog through a google search. I love what you've taught so far, and even tried my darndest to put a couple of the techniques to work today during my 2 photo shots. Tried, and feel like I failed somewhat. But, did manage a few good unique angle shots.

Here's my story: Around Easter Time, I clicked on a craigslist ad in the baby and children section offering a free photo shoot to the first responder. I thought, "this was posted 2 hours ago, there's no way I'll be the first." But something said to call anyway. Turns out, I was the first. So, free photo shoot here we come. I was soooooo excited. We planned (and then rescheduled) to do the shoot while my niece was in town. The photographer had a recently started business and had yet to try a child photo shoot. Hence, the free part.

Well, she came and took the pictures, and I anxiosly awaited the CD in the mail. The kids (my 2 year-old, 4 month-old, and 2 1/2 year-old niece) were all dolled up ready to go. I cleaned the house like crazy to allow good shooting backgrounds. The kids had some incredible natural poses and I just hoped she caught them.

I got the CD a week or so later, and eagerly opened it. I'm not sure how to adequately describe my reaction. A few of my niece were quite good. But the angle she used with my 2 year-old "caught" all the background clutter. I had even asked if it would show, and she said it would fade into the background. Outside, her angles on my children were lacking that WOW effect. A few mommy and me shots of my niece and sister were really quite good. Since I really wanted my sister to have some great shots, I was satisfied overall with the shoot. I mean, hey, it was free, how can I complain. But, to be honest, the thought that I could've done so much better kept nagging at me.

Now, I've never claimed to be a professional photographer, but have LOVED taking pictures since I got my first real camera in Jr High. (hand me down from my dad--point and shoot.) Maybe it stems from the fact that as a young child my parents didn't have a camera and I can count the number of pictures of me up to the age of 1 on a single hand. And it didn't get much better after that. I've longed to know more of what I looked like when I was little--what cute faces did I make, when did I first get teeth, when did my curls come in, etc..

Anyway, I've always been the one at social gatherings with a camera trying to freeze time. As a nanny (before marriage) I probably took hundreds and hundreds of pictures of the different kids I tended. Some, breathtaking, (at least to me). Some, not so. So, when my first child came along, my husband bought me a decent point and shoot digital as a birthday/mother's day/Christmas present. I LOVED it, as I could take hundreds of pictures without spending gobs on film and processing, and I could date tag the images without that not-so-pretty date stamp on film cameras.

After a not-so-lovely experience with a "professional" studio, I decided to try my hand at my own "portraits" of my baby. So, each month(ish) I would pull out a sheet or blanket, drape or hang it from something, and capture my baby's cuteness.

The images got loaded onto my husband's laptop and he showed them off. Some people asked if they were professional. He always proudly stated that his wife took them. But the overall quality (and sometimes composition, color, clarity, etc.) often left me wishing for a higher megapixaled camera. (yeah, I was uneducated, and had never even heard of the term SLR.)

After the "professional photo shoot", I began to realize that a major difference between my pictures and others that I loved, was the quality of the camera. (And since, the overall knowledge of how to utilize it.)

So, after a month of discussing, we decided to bite the bullet (with the promise to make enough $$ to pay for the damage) and buy me a Nikon D60 with 2 VR lenses. (We're still paying for it.)

I jumped in as best I could and started advertising very inexpensive shoots where the customer gets the printing rights. I've had an incredible response, and with every shoot, I'm scared to death that I won't live up to what the family is hoping for. I am specializing in infants and children, with some family. I've done 10 shoots (if my counting's right) in about a months time.

As I study other photographer's websites and blogs (yours included), I constantly feel the drive to be so much better. So, I study more, and try to imitate. But, while in an actual shoot, often feel lost as to just how I want to position the subjects, or which shooting mode I want to use. (I usually end up trying aperture, and switching back to AUTO.) I come home and spend HOURS editing the shoots trying to give mom and dad that special something. And, I feel so inadequate. I rationalize by remembering how little I currently charge, but I want to be so much more. My 3 week-old newborn shoot today did not turn out nearly as I had hoped (even after hours of studying pictures of newborns yesterday and trouble falling asleep as I tried to plan the shoot in my mind.) I got enough to hopefully please the parents, but had it been my baby, would have re-shot hours later or the next day.

Right now, we can't even afford the spare battery I bought today, but with back to back shoots, I had no other option. So, free internet and book learning is all I can do right now. (And free photoshop trials that are about to expire.) I want to master this talent and offer those emotion stirring photographs at a reasonable price. The area in Idaho that I am in is under served in on location photography, so I really want to let my services bless the lives of those who may not otherwise be able to receive such services, but I don't want to give them less than amazing pictures. Your course would hopefully help immensely.

The link on the side didn't work for me to leave my name and email address, and I hesitate to just randomly leave it in this comment, so instead, I'll link you to my photography blog, so you can gather the contact info. (it's still under construction, so forgive the less than perfect look.)


Anonymous said...

Hello my name is Adrian, Im just in the beginning weeks of starting my own photography business here at home. Im 22 n for a long time having a photography studio of my own never crossed my mind. I guess the same beliefs followed me as it does to others now n days. The equipment might be to expensive and the studio will need alot of room and time to manage it which is what i didnt have. I am not making alot of money and most of the equipment my mother and i are using is by credit and savings. I am taking on a few jobs here n there as a assisting moving company n it can get very exhausting after the day. I am also attending school at ecpi college of technology for my criminal justice degree. For the long years in my life I've been known as the photographer of the family taking pictures with a basic digi camera. Most family members and friends commented about the great poses and face gestures of the pictures i have taken and really liked it. For some reason i always liked placing myself behind the camera taking photos rather than in front of it because i didnt like the way i would come out in most of the pictures, but that was then when i was overweight lol. Now i better myself with fitness and nutrition. I have been the type of person that likes to learn on his own and doesnt like to spend alot of money on classes type of thing but if i have to i will. I think i best learn with hands on practice and i have been doing that for the past month. I have been spending alot of my time in the computer seeking out professionals today who started out at a low budget and self taught like myself. has really amazed me of how useful it can be. There is alot of photographers out there today like yourself that want to really help and invest their own time in making clips to do just that. I just want you to know i really apreciate it and i think it is a great thing what you both are doing for beginners like myselft n others. Computers have always been part of my life since i was a little boy and i have become very knowledged about them today. In highschool i have taken computer graphics Adobe Illustrator and was top of class with create art creations. when i compare Illustrator with Adobe photoshop CS3, to me i feel very confortable using CS3 from my past experiance in illustrator. I have learned alot in photography and my sports marketing course in highschool will help me put my business name out there in the world of internet n technology. What i love most about the use of internet is the forums you can find like etc. The advise given to many by professional photographers is honest, clear and very hopefull. So i ask myself why go to classes about it when theres so much help being offered on the internet. I had no idea and knowledge about studio lighting and professional photography and using CS3 photoshop, but now i really took myself to the limits and in a matter of weeks to my surprising i have learned a great deal that i never taught i would :) I guess everything i have learned back in school and my interest and skills in computer are finally paying off. I should make a note and i keep saying "my business" This is something i am doing with my mother who carried this passion within her for a long time, but was never really good with computers. Now in the digital age this is the part where i come in from and we working as a team. She is my inspiration, she is what keeps me going. I know that photography doesnt soly rely on just equipment but the photographer plays the big role while the the rest is just tools. I have always been creative and very artistic and i come up with alot of create ideas for a picture of my own and not others and using symbolic items etc such as when you used the tea cup for the baby i like to use an antique tiny desk, lamp and a mirror to catch the reflection of the face while taking the shot from the back of the child. I have learned a great deal about shutter speeds and aperture values in my camera and the f stops at the moment are getting confusing but i will learn them better. I am also very knowledged about the brands out there today for studio strobe lighting such as photogentic, elinchrom, lowel, and products from chimera etc but those are way out of my budget at the moment. I have found others to be as awsome products and quality in an affordable price. They come highly recommended and their reputable history alone from back days in 1970's makes my desision making alot easier.After a great deal of research my studio consists of whitelighting products from Paul c Buff who is the inventor of this small built tanks. 1 whitelighting Ultra 1800 1 whitelighting X1600 two stands one softbox, unbrella, backdrop, CS3 photoshop, Nikon D60 which i absolutely love the user friendly and features great camera and pixel rate for fist time users in SLR once i get profit from photo studio in time i will upgrade my equipment and grow along with it. I was looking at the D200 wich most studios today use. Seems like a fit choice for the long run in photography. I also decide to get wireless radio slave triggers, and you were right they do make your life awhole lot easier. At the moment i heard that you need a flash meter which i dont have yet because they are not always the cheapest product. But the other day i was checking out this clip in about an old school photographer i think his somewhere from europe or something who used a string as his meter very interesting technique. He talks about how lighting works and the usage of gels to creat effects for his backgrounds. He also mentions how he likes to get everything done right the first time around and how he doesnt need adobe to make corrections. For example if there is a string of hair running down the models face rather then worrying about it then in photoshop and deleting it he carries his handy dandy comb brush and fixes it on the spot lol like i said he is old school but i get alot of useful info from his teachings. At the moment i want to learn more about the f stops in a strobe light and how the readings are set to the camera. I hope by now you are not asleep lol, i tend to get carried away and write off whats in my mind without thinking to much, but if you are asleep thats ok to. Trying to learn many things at once gets me really tired lately. Well Hope you guys keep up the great work and again thanks for getting out there to help, it is really being apreciated but not just by me im sure by many others too.


Michelle Anderson said...

Hey, my name is Michelle and I have just moved from Canada to Phoenix! WOW it's freakin' HOT here! Anyway....I have loved taking pictures ever since we had our first baby...that was 14 years ago!! WOW now I'm feeling old! We also have a 10 year old boy, who plays hockey and baseball so I really enjoy taking pictures of him playing. I have always just used a point and shoot camera until just last month when I decided that this is something that I'm going to get serious about and would really like to start my own business!! So I talked to one of my friends back in Canada who has her own photography business and asked her where to start and what kind of camera I should buy. Well she said it's all personal preference and that she can only tell me what she has and that she could definitely upgrade, but why when here camera is doing what she wants it to and she is still making money! So I went and bought a Nikon D60......I had NO idea how to even work the thing! I took some pictures and played with some of the settings.....but WOW!! I was sooooo overwhelmed! Then I went and bought a new MAC computer because the new camera wasn't enough to get me overwhelmed! (that's a joke! LOL). I figured well go big or go home! And at that time I didn't think my husband was going to let me move back to Canada especially with our kids! I've always been known to being a risk taker and someone who will try something once and make the best out of it. I started making family calendars for Christmas gifts about 9 years ago, I taught myself right from the start and now I have people asking me to make them Calendars for their family! So that is a huge compliment to me!!! So I guess what I'm that it would be nice to get the opportunity to be taught the proper way from the start and have some guidance from a professional! I hope you will consider me for your winner of the FREE on line course that you are offering!

Thanks for your time!

Shelley said...

I am writing this post to be considered for your free course. My father pasted away 2 1/2 years ago so I moved in with my mother to help her make ends meet. I am a single mother of two plus I am also raising my niece now too. I would love the opportunity to learn from the best. I love photography and am always taking pictures of everything from kids to bugs. LOL I don't know alot and mainly just use the programmed settings. I own a Nikon D50 with lenses 18-55 and 55-200. Plus I just got a Nikon speedlight SB600 today. I love photography and have always wanted to start my own business but never really knew where to start. Or I run into people that don't want to give to much information. I have been searching the internet to gain some information. That is how I stumbled across you. And thanks to that stumble I have learned more information off of you then anywhere. I also have photoshop CS2 which is awesome. I have self taught myself everything I know on there. I could never ever imagine never having that program again! It is such a wonderful thing to have. I would like to be highly considered for your free course cause I have dreamed of having a photography business since I was little. I have looked into our college but the price is a unbeleivable reach for me when I trying to raise my two kids, my niece and help my mother out now. Please consider me for the free course and all the information I can get my hands on. You give me alot of inspiration cause you have so much knowledge even through you and your wife started out knowing nothing. The information you offer people is such a blessing!

Gisela said...

Hello Scott & Lisa,

My name is Gisela, and I just started in the photography world. I have a 3 months old niece, and I have been enjoying photographing her! I can honestly say that I love photography!! It has become a passion! I would really love to start my own business, so that I can do what I really love doing! Also, children's photography is my motivation. However, I feel frustrated because I do not know how or where to start. If I'm selected to receive one of the 5 courses, you will honestly make someone very fortunate. I see myself starting my own business with your help! Thank you in advance, Gisela

TK's Expressions said...

Hello Scott & Lisa,
My name is Trina and I am currently a freelance wedding, nature and portrait photographer. I also work at a chain store studio. I did this for experience in the studio setting. I am working on opening a home studio that I can use my talents better. I would love a chance to win you course set.
My main camera is the Canon 40D. I also have the Canon XTi, Canon G9, Yashica TL-Electro (film) and two Nikon AS (film)camera's.
My Christmas list includes a lot of your suggestions for my my studio. My husband and two children are very supportive and a part of my business. My husband is my second shooter at weddings, my daughter(15)is my graphics helper and my son(18) loves to take videos.
Thank you for the consideration in your give away and all that your doing for other photographers.

If your ever in the San Francisco area drop me a line!

Thanks again from a Northern California fellow photographer,
Trina Kay Tuel
T.K.'s Expression's