Monday, September 8, 2008

Photography Studio Space & Basic Camera settings - Podcast Episode 2

Hey Everyone,

I received lots of emails and questions last week after I sent out my first Podcast. This response is exactly what allows me to deliver good information and what is being asked.

In this Podcast I will answer a couple of questions regarding our photography studio space and some basic camera settings. This should help answer those questions that we all have wondered in the beginning.

I want to also remind everyone to submit your questions on this Blog under the "Submit Questions" link on the right hand side of this page. This will keep all the questions in the same location for everyone to see.

If you want to send an email instead, I will add it to the questions page for all to see. It's really important that we see everyone's questions. It will help you see what others are asking and know that it will be answered in an upcoming Podcast.

Once again, thanks for all the kind emails.

Enjoy the Podcast.


Podcast Episode 2- Photography Studio Space & Basic Camera Settings:

Download Podcast Episode 2 - Right Click and "Save as" to your PC


GTphotobiz said...

"f8-ish"? Hahaha! Best advice ever. People wanting to be professional photographers asking you for "the perfect camera setting" is just priceless..... Maybe they should take Photography 101 instead of looking for a cookie cutter solution.

Larry said...

Larry says
Keep the podcasts gong if you can.
Thanks. Haven't got the course yet but have read, watched and listened to everything else and here I am a 66 year excited again about this in particular and looking forward to the day I can get started. My daughter is just starting to W,L,R, everything now. She is getting right in to it. She has a creative family siting already booked for this Saturday and tomorrow is her birthday and her husband, myself and my wife all chipped in to get her a SLR Digital. now I can get my camera back LOL,