Friday, April 25, 2008

2 Big Questions Answered

I just recently created a short video answering 2 of the biggest questions we received when asking people who were just starting out.

This video should clear up some of the basic questions and get you on the right track.

Let us know if this video helped at all and what you would like answered in future videos.



Anonymous said...

I found the videos very basic and a bit dull for me presented well just a little boring, you mentioned that you shoot jpeg all the time and thats fine , but if you were going to touch on the format for shooting it should and deserved a much greater time spent on it, or maybe you just did not want to get in to jpeg vs RAW shooting but just to say it saves space on the computer to justify shooting jpeg was a bit soft.
over all i hope they improve and maybe you need to take in account that maybe most people who signed up fpr the videos are beyond say starters in photography. you say you run a successful business in photography which i presume would mean you have a website to promote yourself if so could you please post the link so we can have a real look at the type of work that you get from your studio

newphotobiz said...

Thanks for your feedback.

I realize that for some people who have already started the basics may find these first 2 videos simple and basic. Exactly what they are meant to be.

I actually did this for a reason. When we first began, we wanted to find a simple and quick way to learn lighting and camera basics. and start taking pictures and developing our style. To much "techno mumbo Jumbo" would have sent us running the other way.

We have talked to many people who are just getting started that feel overwhelmed.

I'm trying to introduce the key elements and still keep the interest. The key to understanding is to apply what works.

I have received quite a few emails from others that have viewed the videos and actually thanked me for keeping it simple and teaching at a beginners level.

Here is a post from Elwin on this Blog

"This is just what I needed to get myself jump started into forming a children's photography business. I plan on getting a business name and web site soon. The next step will be the equipment. I'm kind of glad that you are putting these videos up a little at a time. It gives me a chance to purchase and pay for the equipment plus I don't feel like I'm overwhelmed with information. Thanks for making it so easy to understand. I can't wait for more information. I'm excited."

My intentions for this course is to not teach the "techy" stuff, but to to teach what we have learned and what works.

The first 2 videos are basically to get you going and not to worry about the camera functions. I just want you to start taking pictures.

A successful studio doesn't have to be complicated.

I am going to be shooting a video with my Technical Guru Steve Fogal. He is actually the one who taught us about the camera and lighting in the beginning. I have developed a friendship with him over the years and he has agreed to do a beginner and intermediate seminar for me. I should be shooting this in the near future. He performs these classes on weekly basis for about 20 people in our local photo lab. He usually charges $75 per class, and he has given me permission to add this to our course as a bonus.

Again this course is not meant to be "techy" but I will do my best to cover as much of this as I can.

To view samples of our work I did include some links on the bonus section of the courses website, but here it is if you missed it.

Thanks Again for your comments.


Anonymous said...

Scott thank you for posting your link which i did miss , and im sure that alot of people did find the videos useful and informative,

Anonymous said...

Scott, good job on the videos. I can see the effort you are putting into your work. As far as feed-back:
Video 1 had a lot of information that was necessary and very useful. The pace of the video was good, making it easy to follow along.
Video 2 felt a little scattered. I could see the gears turning in your head as you communicated the information, but could be a little more focused on the topic and idea you are trying to get across.
There are so many different types of cameras and their functions differ. Instead of showing how your camera works or how a lense is attached, maybe just state that there are many different kinds of cameras as well as different lenses one can purchase. Just an idea.
I'd say that the first half of video 2 was very basic. Maybe this was your intent. However, for someone who is aiming at tackeling a photo business, I hope they'd have a little more experience and knowledge in how a lense attaches. Again Scott, this is just picking on one area in the video, and could easily be applied to other productions.
To state it as one idea, I'd suggest to add to your discussion outline and take it a little further and be a little more focused in your topics, taking care not to drift from the subject at hand. said...

Thank you so much for your inspiration and helpful hints, I know it takes a lot of work to put forth all this information, I also have a website, and from that I now am doing photos for clients who see my work in the salon, I am doing more themed fantasy glamor and try to stay out of the head shot look. I have a question about pricing, and model release forms. any info would help. Thanks so much for helping me turn my hobby into money!. Ron Soto.