Thursday, November 13, 2008

Creating Black Backdrops That Really Look...Black

Run Time: 8 min 9 secs

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dragon_ink said...

Scott, Great tutorials. I am wondering if for the feet pics, if you do one child at a time and merge the images or this example just happened to have one child. Thanks!

Scott (NewPhotoBiz) said...

Yes, this can be done.

This example was just to show the blacks and how to fix this problem.

This video was a follow up from the video we posted with 4 sets of feet. The $224 print...that sells like CRAZY! The video from last weeks post.

We have taken pictures separately and it works well. You just want to make sure you take the shots from the same distance. This will keep the feet looking the actual size and you won't have to guess.

I hope this helps.


Michael said...

Scott - Great tutorial.. quick and to the point.. Keep them coming ..

Michael Riley

Morningside Nursery said...

Thanx for the tip! I plan on doing this whith my children.

Morningside Nursery said...

I just done it with my children and it looks great! I done my 3 girls and then my 2 year old sep because its hard to get all 4 in one shot so I was successful in merging his fit in with his sisters. Thanks for the tip Im going to print out a poster of this formysef and future customers.

WeClick Photos said...

I am a photographer and have been for 7+ years. I am now venturing on my own however i am new to all of this "meaning what Scott has to offer". Scott you are truly a blessing and I am grateful to be a part of this. Thanks for your videos and for your time and support. Also a comment to MorningSide Nursery, I loved your website and where in the world did you get those sprinkles. Would you mind sharing. They are totally awesome and your kids are adorable!! You are a great photographer. Keep up the good work...

Splendid! Photography said...

I think I am a little late to jump on the band wagon... but this is AMAZING! wow... I can't wait to see more!