Thursday, September 10, 2009

How To Use Digital Photography Backgrounds - For Seniors

I just created a video that talks about another popular market that can be very successful if done right.

It's...the Senior Photography market. I know people that are concentrating on just this one market alone and being very successful at it.

I wanted to show you a technique that you can use right now. This will get you noticed and make you stand out from the crowd.

The senior kids are gonna love it! Once you do a few of these shots...the word will travel fast.

Enjoy the video :-)


Remember to leave your comments below and let me know what you think.

Here's a link to our Club that I refer to in the video.


Sandra said...

Great video Scott! I really like the overlay Idea!

Sandra (popsicle-stix)

Kay said...

Awesome effect!!! Thanks for talking about Senior Portraits!!! I will do this for sure! I just joined the club a couple days ago and am excited!!!

Besse said...

great video scott...please email me I ordered the new photobiz and have not been able to play it...Please help!!!!

Henie said...

Excellent idea Scott! I really liked the concept of it and it is very simple to do.


DK said...

Can I do this with Photoshop 6.0?

newphotobiz said...

Photohop 6 will have all the tools you will need. Just follow along with the video and you should get similar results.

Have Fun and post me some samples of what you come up with.


Adan said...

Hello Scott, where can we find the bookshelves backgrounds?

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