Friday, March 6, 2009

How To Get More Customers In Your Photography Business

This is probably one of the biggest questions we receive from beginners who are just starting their photography business.

What's the best way to get new customers?

In this video I'll give you all the details on what's worked for us and why.

I actually show you how I practice what I preach towards the end of the video.

Good Luck!

Rune Time: 6 minutes 29 secs


Anonymous said...

Do you think using printed proofs is better than online proofing or proofs on a DVD?

Vani said...

Hi Scott,

You have mentioned how these proofs have worked for you. That's great. However, I hear from many other photographers that giving out proofs kills their sales. People are content with different images (with the small sizes). I am trying to sell 5x7 images (like 20 or so) in a book/ album in a collection. I am thinking giving these proofs would kill the sale. Do you have any suggestions, ideas on how this WOM could work without actually hurting sales?


Scott (NewPhotoBiz) said...

You should watch the pricing video I did recently. It talks about this in great detail.

We get paid for a package up front before we issue the clients proofs.

Most of the time it's over $200. This way there is no chance of the clients taking the proofs and running. LOL

The proofs are going to be a large part of your advertising and I would recommend using this method to build your photography business.

Then add in a referral program and your clients will promote you even more.

I hope this helps.


Anonymous said...

hi scott.great video info.i think printed proofs . work better than dvd or online proofs.thank you for sharing .

Lisa & Tom said...

I tried to enter your referral program, but it mamde me choose my email server from a dropdown box and was not in the box so it would not let me enter my email address. I did recommend one person and they did download your ebook but I did not do it thru your form because of this glitch. Thanks! Lisa
PS love the goldfish idea!

tcufrog00 said...

Hi Scott,

I just watched your 50k video and I just have one question. How do I get 15 clients. I'm averaging about 4-8 clients a month right now. And that is from giving free sitting fees. They usually buy around $100, so I guess it averages out. But word of mouth isn't getting me very far. Maybe there are just too many photographers in my area. Another other suggestions on how to bring people in? I have done charity events, left my cards everywhere, given free sessions (which has worked the best). Any other ideas?


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