Friday, February 13, 2009

How To Promote A Photography Business - Pricing

Here is a question I receive a lot.

Is pricing important when I promote my photography business?

The answer is YES and you don't always want to be the lowest in your market. I created a video to explain how we set our pricing and why. This should give you a good starting point for you to implement in your photography business.




Anonymous said...

Thanks for this Scott, really helpful'!

Portland, Oregon

Andrée said...

Hi Scott,
This is great, thanks for doing this video. Just wanted to clarify; you don't add any copyright etc to the front of the proofs, is that right?
This info is very helpful to me, as I am trying to sort out my pricing right now.


Scott (NewPhotoBiz) said...

We don't add a copyright to the front of our proofs. As I mentioned in the video, we get paid up front for our minimum package. The copyright and contact info on the back is the real gold here.

People will show your work and others will contact you or visit your website. This will build your business from your clients showing friends and family. This really works.

So many photographers forget to include this simple step and they are missing a huge advertising opportunity.


Robert said...

Hi Scott,
This is great information and it's very helpful. Thank you.

May I make a future video suggestion/request? Could you go more in detail about your slideshow DVD presentations that you sell? If your sessions are short I'm wondering how many images and different looks you can really get on a slideshow presentation. Perhaps you could walk us through your process. Also, do you arrange the images, set the timing, pick the music, etc yourself or does the client make the decisions? Also, do you do the work or do you send it to a lab?

LinzE916 said...

Hi Scott,

So if I do not put cpoyright info or watermark on the front of proofs...what keeps people from scanning and printing their own copies on their home computers?

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