Monday, December 29, 2008

My Last 2008

Here is my last video I will be creating for 2008. I just wanted to take a minute to say thanks and give you a few ideas of what you need to be doing to plan for 2009.


Morningside Nursery said...

Thank you so much! You have a wonderful vacation with your family and have a happy new year! I am working on my goals for 2009 for the photography busness that I will start soon. I am so excited to get started! I got my website started, and my brother in law is going to help build my studio in my basement! and my photos are looking more and more professional because of your videos. Thank you so much! Looking forward to the goodies you have when you come back see you then!

Lubas PhotoDesign said...

Thank you for all your help so far...its only been a few weeks and I have learned so much from you and the vidios. I cant wait for you to release Photo Biz1.0 again. I have been using a online lab but want to use a local lab and you ane I are in the same area and would love to know who you use. I have started setting my goals for 2009 and I have a feeling its going to be a great year for me. Thanks again!

Scott (NewPhotoBiz) said...

We use our local lab located in Scotia NY which is about 25 miles north of Albany. They do offer shipping for online orders.

If you're interested, their web address is and they have an online ordering system.

Happy New year!

Lubas PhotoDesign said...

Great! Scotia is only about 20 mins away from me....Thanks again!
Happy New Year to you also!

mjcrook said...

Thank you so much for all your help! Everything that you have posted the ebook, all your videos, everything helps so much there is nothing that I have read or watched were I havnt learned something new. I am very interested in the Photo Biz 1.0 as well!!
Happy New Year!

Scott (NewPhotoBiz) said...

Photo Images is off of Glenridge rd near rt 50. If you visit the website you can find the exact directions.

The phone number is 518-399-9100. Tell them that Scott and Lisa sent ya.

They all know us really well.

Foto said...

Hello Scott,

All the best to you and your loved ones for the new year.

Thanks for all the tips and instructions you provided.
I'm trying to take them into practice, but am not able to get people for a photoshoot yet.
(Maybe I'm still a bit afraid. But I'll get the. Gimme some time. :-)

By the way.....
Have you been in Amway?
And if not... Where did you get your positive thining, and your goalsettings thinking?

I'm looking forward to your information in the next year.

Friendly greetings
The Netherlands

Morningside Photography Studio said...

I know how you feel foto, I am not ready for customers yet, But I should be next month sometime but Im not sure where to get them and how. Scott Do you have a video of how to get customers aware of your photography studio? Have a happy new year to you all!

FotoBaron said...

Well Morningside Photo studio, thanks for the shared feeling.
I'm not so alone anymore. :-)

(Strange: The blog says, my name is 'Foto' while in fact it's 'FotoBaron'.
In Dutch, a photographer is a 'fotograaf'. 'Foto' means 'light' or 'picture'. 'Graaf' means 'writer' and ... here it comes... 'count' or 'duke' as in royalty. So... I'm not a fotoGRAAF but a fotoBARON. :-)
Oops, this is a longer explanation than I expected. Sorry for that.)

Tomorrow, I have a fotoshoot with some 4 or 5 girls and boys. I am allowed to make use of an empty garage box like depot. It's about 3 x 6 meters. About 4 meters high. Hardened smooth concrete floor. Should do a an improvised photostudio I hope.

They are no paying customers. But I hope for a good training and rehersal. I'm going to try an take some of the example pictures as suggested by Scott. (Like the 'foots' picture.

This photo's will become advertisement material. I'll make some small bookletts and spread them around in the neigberhood.
Than I hope for some paying customers. (shiver, tremble)

I hope this is going to work out as I hope. So, Scott. Take your time with your family. But if you are back, and you can find the time, some tips on how to get customers would be great.

Friendly greetings
Rens (The FotoBaron)
The Netherlands.

Nolan Chamczuk said...

Scott had mentioned a forum for newphotobiz 1.0 purchasers. I have gone through mine but missed where the forum is. Can some one direct me to the site?
Scott, if your not ready to release it to the blog just email it to me please.

Morningside Photography Studio said...

I am cheering you on FotoBaron on your rehursal of the photoshoot you have coming up. Wow! Lots of kids to start with! Well you got to get your foot wet somehow. I practice on my 4 children esp my 2 year old son, That is the hardest age to get a child to stay still lol! I Am currently using the internet to spread the word to family and friends about my new Photography busness. I am going to get a chance at advertising big time at my church as they are having me do the photography for their directery book kinda like a year book. I will have a hundred and something people that day to take pictures of and thats lots of practice for me! Does anyone have pictures they would like to share on their blog? I have plenty and everyone is invited to come have a look tell me how Im doing. Have a great new year everyone!

FotoBaron said...

Okay. We did the shoot.
Boy, did we have a lot of fun.

Scott... Here is the 'feet' photo you recommended.

Now let's see if I can sell this kind of pictures. :-)


Scott (NewPhotoBiz) said...

Hi Rens,

I only have a minute. We are in our Hotel room in Florida getting ready to go to the pool. The weather is very nice and we're really enjoying our stay.

Congratulations on your shoot and taking action. This is the first step.

I have one tip I think will enhance your portrait and make it a little better.

Try and crop the picture to the knees. This will appear less distracting and concentrating more on the feet. You may have to change your pictures constraints to something like a 15x30. This will require custom printing, but will look more appealing to the eye and sell much better.

I hope this helps you and anyone reading this post create a one of a kind portrait.

Great Job!


Morningside Photography Studio said...

Nice Job Rens! Im glad you had fun with your photo shoot, I cant wait to get my first customer! I am just trying to figure out what to charge. Any suggestions Scott on what a beginner should charge for like the first year or so? Oh yes here is my foot prodgect, It was fun to do But I had to add my son because he would not sit still LOL!

FotoBaron said...

Okay.. Thanks fot the responce.
(But, please, spent time with your familly. We'll see you wen you are back.

Your advice: Crop the picture just above the knees.
So I did.

Is this better?

Friendly greetings
The Ntherlands

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