Friday, August 29, 2008

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Hi Everyone,

I receive emails everyday from all over the world. I never thought I would be saying this, but it's true. I can't believe that I can reach out and communicate with people in Australia, Brazil,United Kingdom...just to name a few. It's really AWESOME!

Since I released a few Free videos about getting started in a Photography Business, people have been watching them and wanting more. There's always going to be questions. I've been doing my best to get back to everyone, but it's getting to the point where there just isn't enough time in the day.

I will try and answer your questions here or in future videos.

The Benefits of having questions public, is that everyone can listen in on the conversation. Everyone can learn from each other this way. This is very powerful for people just getting started.

So, let's use this space to ask the questions or post your comments. I'll do my best to answer your questions and keep it real simple.

NOTE: Go to the bottom of this page and use the "Post Comment" link to leave your question or comment.

Talk to ya soon!


After I did my first Podcast I kinda laughed at myself. I sounded like a DJ in the beginning when I say "New Photo Biz Buzz" You gotta listen to it.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Scott, Thank you so much for all the help and support! My question is about printing prints. When I need a quick print & use the walmart 1hour, i have so many problems! Some of the photographs are cut off, my copyright is cut off. I have wasted so much time & money trying to figure out why! Ive changed the image size etc. i work with JPEG? shuld I set my camera to RAW? Im just unsure of what the problem is?? Help!

Anonymous said...

Hi Scott,

The gentleman in your podcast mentioned that his package was 1 8x10, 2 5x7, and 8 wallets. That is what my normal package is too. My question is for that $99.00 or in his case $40.00 IS IT THE SAME POSE? or do you let them choose which pictures. I think you mentioned in the cd's that I received that you only do one background at a time, but do you choose which "baby in the tub" is best and only offer a package of those? When the man said that he got an extra $150 for a customer, were the pictures from another pose or the same as the package?

I just want the customer to be happy but not give away too much. Suzanne

MAshael said...

I wanted to know how to get the oil painted effect on the picture ,please?

lesking said...

I would like to see the video you refer to of using your Nikon D100 along with your lighting setup. I am using a D100 also. Thank You

Ron said...


I missed out on the latest realease of NewPhotoBiz 1.0. I assume it's sold out. if so, when do you plan to make the next release available?


Arthur said...

do you think flashes say the sb900 and slaves sb600 are just as good as strobes

Anonymous said...

For every one in the photobiz buzz,
I am going to be making tutorials for a lot of things, So let me know what you want to know in regards to Photoshop, Lighting, And camera settings, (meaning if you don't understand how to use these nice SLR cameras) I am sure Scott will not mind my help seeing how he is a very busy guy, I will walk you through any thing you need, including how to shoot and edit child photography using Newphotobiz (yes i bought it) (the second round) To request and watch my tutorials got to the website below, And i will give Scott the code if he wants to put them in his site here or he and or i can link them here. any way the web address is That's it, I don't have a bunch up there i am only trying to help the newphotobiz people out here

Promotional Cards said...

Nice and good video.

Ben Humphrey said...

Hello, and thanks for your help in advance. I was thinking about getting the canon 75-300mm lens as a telephoto .. it is the f/4.0-5.6 .. non-IS for around 100 bucks off amazon.. I know people use large telephoto lenses for weddings and portraits ... would that be okay to use in a studio or outside for taking pictures of people? Or course.. not in really low light situations due to the high f-stop. I got a knock-off Speedlite 580EX (Opteka 600 G Super) Flash, with built in diffusers/softners.. that goes around 148ft... how would I use that in conjunction with the telephoto lens.. and how far should I be from the person to use the lens effectively for good people/face/body shots?


roxanne berbec said...

Hi, my name is Roxanne. I have watched and heard pretty much all your videos and podcasts since I found your website. Thank you so much for all your info.
I was wondering if you can give me a rundown on what I should purchase to start up at home. I want to practice photographing my daughter(15months) in order to get more courage to try other people's kids. I guess what I'm asking is what are the bare essentials for an impromptu at home studio? I know I pretty much need a soft box, a reflector and a backdrop. I have the backdrops but I am wondering what kind of softbox, box or umbrella? flash or strobe( i don't know how each works)? what wattage? Where do I find cheap or used? PLEASE, please give me some suggestions because I have spent hours online looking at different options and have no idea what to choose.
Thank you,

Anonymous said...

Ok this all sounds great... good business model and sound ideas... but how much does it all cost?

Anonymous said...

I want to get in to portrait photography, but i find myself speechless when i am asked to pose my subject. I feel like i am missing something. Is posing for portraits that difficult? is there more to it? do I need to take a class on how to pose the person in the shot?

chillybear said...

To the one who wants to know about poses here is a web side you might want to look at I belevive pose can be hard and this page just might help you i have not got my self but i will be and its got some good reply on it check it out

Kimberly said...

I am just starting out. even still learning about my new camera. I am going to be taking portraits, and team photos for sporting events. I was wondering if you recommend any professional photo labs or know how I can find a reputable one that offers the services I would need for my line of work I will be doing?

chillybear said...

Kim i recommend you got to a couple labs and get them to do a couple 4x6 for you and then see what the quilty different in each one then go to the one that you feel is best quality

Kenny Kanode said...

Scott, I am still glowing from listening to your coaching call tonight. I am pinching myself in bewilderment of just who you are. It just seems so odd that in the present times that we live in that there is someone like yourself. Someone that doesn't have their hand out waiting to receive but, has both hands out desiring to give. I have never made a wiser investment than purchasing your NewPhotoBiz program. I thought at the time it seemed like a fair price for some CD's with some templates and some tips on starting a photography business. I never dreamed that I would receive so much for such a little investment. I have turned into my own Sponge Bob (well Sponge Kenny)and I am soaking up everything that you are teaching me. It is a great feeling to practice proven methods and see them work in our own business. I am sure I speak for many others when I say the somehow merely saying "Thank You" just doesn't seem fair. I wish there were some elegant way to express my gratitude for all you have shared with us. THANKS.

Kimberly said...

I am wondering if you could tell me how to make my own digital props like the fish for the fish bowl. I use photoshop elements.

Scott (NewPhotoBiz) said...


If you subscribed to the video series, and it looks like you did...the fish is already done for you.

Look at the bottom of the video and you will see a download link.

I hope this helps.

Enjoy :-)


capturethatmomentphotography said...

I still don't understand how you sell your product. do you have a copy of your marketing sales pitch?
Like: Free 4x6 with purchase of a $99 package including 1 8x10, 2 5x7 and 8 wallets? do you include a pix of the finish product in the marketing pitch via email? When the parent's come and see only the white background are they disapointed? Do you take other shots as well or only the white background? Can you help us understand this process a little better? You are great at explaining the steps in creating the portrait but getting the sitting is not clear. do you charge a sitting fee or just offer the free 4x6?

capturethatmoment said...

Where can I find your e book that I have been reading about on this blog?

Scott (NewPhotoBiz) said...

Hi Sue,

The eBook we were giving away in the past is now part of our NPB 1.0 Lite version that will be released on April 7th.

The 6 part video series is now our give away to subscribers.

The basic concept is that you have samples made of your digital backgrounds and props to show your clients.

We recommend using proofs to market your work. This will create buzz and get you referral business from happy customers. It works really well.

I'll be sending a video out to our subscribers called "The 50K Plus".

This video illustrates a business model anyone can follow and I think it will answer a lot of your questions.

I hope this helps.


Parents will fall in love with the images you show them before the shoot. This will create some desire and they will have a vision of their child in that same portrait.

It won't matter that you're shooting on a plain white background. It's the end result their concerned with.

Dan Madsen said...

Hi Scott

I love your videos, I am from Denmark and there is a lot of conversion with prices and so on, I have two questions for you
1. Sizes when you mention sizes, there is just numbers, is it in inches, cm or?
2. Digital props is there a way to make it look like they are holding on to the edge of fx: the basket or the tub? I don't like them all being with the arms hidden behind the prop and how about digital backgorunds I often feel like the subjekt is put in to the background, it doesn't look like my normal fabric background.

Keep up the good work Dan

Scott (NewPhotoBiz) said...

Hi Dan,

I'm glad you are enjoying the videos.

If you would like the child's hand holding on to the prop you can shoot the subject holding on to something. You could use the back of a chair to get this effect very easily. Then cut out the hand to look as if it's holding on to the prop (Washtub).

Whenever I use a digital muslin or canvas looking background, I create a hot spot behind the subject. This will give it separation and appear more realistic.

I hope this helps.


Anonymous said...

Hi Scott:
I wanted to know if I could still receive the spring time collection and what is the price now.

Anonymous said...

Hi Scott:
I wanted to know if I could still receive the spring time collection and what is the price now.

Scott (NewPhotoBiz) said...

Yes, it's available at

Just click and paste the address in your web browser.

This collection is $38.95 and is a digital download.

Thanks :o)


Anonymous said...

What labe do you use that will mount the photos on foamcore?

Ed said...


joseph said...

Hi Scott,
I'm Joseph Esporlas and residing in Philippines. I would really like to buy the NPB 1.0 but I don't have a credit card, can you please advise how can i buy this product by paying through in any of our local banks here, please include any shipping cost.
(Bank of Philippine Islands, Metrobank)

Best Regards,

Tammy said...

Hello Scott! Thanks so much for giving us so much information, and for making it EASY to understand!

My question is.. Can you list the legal things I need to do to start my homebased portrait studio? Also, where can I obtain each thing I need?

Thanks again!

vp said...

I have a question about raw vs jpeg. Would it be better to shoot raw because i know there is a processes that has to be done when you shoot raw. I shot on both settings and I really don't see a difference.
One more question where to print because where I'm from there is only wal-mart and sams but I don't want to print my pictures there so can you give me some advice on that thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Scott: I'm 55 years old and I don't know anybody or any family with little kids and I need to practice doing the shots and putting them in a background. Is there a way that I can get some people to do this? I thought about Craig's List and I would give them a free 8x10. Any suggestions.

Anonymous said...

Hi Scott. I found your site through some of your Youtube videos. I had read in the "tell 3 friends" about how telling our friends about a free ebook of yours. How can I get this ebook?
Thanks and I'm looking forward to spending more time on your site and with your Youtube videos.

Anonymous said...

Hi Scott i have just watched your 7 min workflo.. what can i say fantastic.
I have one question when using the magic wand does this always need to be on white background with say the person or object in colour or can you use a black back ground and say white t shirts.. is using the magic wand limited??

thanks in advance

Maria said...

Hi Scott!
Thank you for your videos. They are very interesting.
But I didn't understand how is it possible to get NewPhotoBiz 1.0 for the people you didn't choose for your case study. Could you explain this to me please?
Thank you in advance!
Maria from Germany

Scott(NewPhotoBiz) said...

Hi Maria,

NewPhotoBiz 1.0 is our complete system that is only available about every 6 to 8 weeks.

We do this so we can provide the support everyone needs when first getting started.

The private forum is always active helping our new students to get started after every release.

The case studies were from our past and current students that are using the system.

Keep checking the Blog and your emails from time to time for our next release.

I hope this answers your questions :-)


Anonymous said...

Hi Scott,

Where is the video "Behind The Scenes". I have looked everywhere on the website and can not find it. Thanks

Angela Montano said...

I do not know how I came accross you but WOW Im so glad that I did! I am self taught in Photoshop but just 3 videos that Ive watched from you gives me SOOOOO much more creativity and know how.....I LOVE YOU! Im so happy and looking foward to using your tips well I already have and words cant express :) Thank you

Anonymous said...

What photo lab do you recomend? or what photo lab do you use?

Jennifer said...

Hi Scott,

Thanks for all the information. I could get lost in your site.

I am a researcher by nature. I read and read and then lose focus and not get to the doing. I have a Nikon D40 and have only used the auto setting so far. I am familiar with Photoshop and have used it to crop only.

I have a ton of ideas that I have never seen before, (both for kids and for still life) but I have never gotten started.

What do you suggest I do first to just get started - using a few techniques that will give me momentum?

**I don't mind practicing on my own kids and home objects first and for awhile.



Sarah said...

Hi Scott,
Your blog is great and all the videos are a great help for photographers trying to get started in the business. Thank you! My question is how many people did you photograph when you were just starting out (friends and family) before you started to get referrals and responses from those sessions that helped to build your business?

Lanie said...

This is the best information i've found. Just want to say thank you for all all you're teaching. Truely everything is so practical. This is better than a "for dummies" series. LOVE IT!!!

ruthie said...

I already have Microsoft Digital Image Suite can I still use your digital props?

Anonymous said...

Hi Scott

Thanks so much for your efforts.

I just have a suggestion. I have a 3 month old and find it difficult to really sit down at my pc and listen to the new chats with some of the folks. Are you able to make a summary of what was said re marketing etc as well in pdf document so I can read it and take it in while bubs is asleep and I am in bed looking for something to read.

Regards from Australia

CS said...

Hi Scott: I want to join your forum, but haven't seen the link for it...could you post it...thanks, Cathy

DARREN said...

Hi Scot,
I am having a problem trying to view the video resource lessons on the website.

All i am getting is a white screen where the video should be.

The youtube videos are OK.

Please help

Scott (NewPhotoBiz) said...

Hi Darren,

Email me at and we'll figure it out.

I'm sure it has to do with your web browser or flash player.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Scott!
I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your videos and how helpful I believe they are. I recently found this website and cant get enough of it. Im always looking forward to enjoy the new videos with all the information that for me is so amazing.
Thanks a lot.

El Salvador.

emtimd said...

Hey I wanted to say thank you for the priceless info. you provide us via your videos and blog. I do have two questions, 1st is where do you get your digital props, and the 2nd is how do you copyright all your work. Thanks for your time and again thank you so much for all the info.

thehowells777 said...

Scott, I would like to upgrade from a Nikon D40 to a D60 or D90. Do you have an opinion about either?

I would also like to know what lens you think would be the best for indoor portrait shots with either one of these cameras.
Thanks for your website, it has already been and inspiration to me.
God Bless, Shelly Howell, Camdenton, MO

free2bme1234 said...

Thank you for all of the work you have put into these posts and other information. I have two questions. 1. Where do I purchase your products? I'm interested in your business start up kit. 2. What do you have your camera set on, jpeg, raw or a combo? I was taught to use raw because of all the information it keeps. Thank you, Tammy said...

Sherry said...
Hello, I am new to your info and must say I am blessed to have found you, I wish I found you sooner than now, but things happen for reason. What a blessing you have been just the little I have found you have shared,you really helped shine so hope in my life. I have been looking for info just like this.(THANK YOU) I have been a stay at home mother for 11years and i have 4 boys, and they are slowly gaining there own wings. Every Christmas I pose my boys to make a christmas card and it always a big joke..So when I told my family and close friends about me learning Photography they all said YES that is so YOU. I have been studying photo for a year now. I have done excatly what you did, Went to cord camera got the d60 the lens 18/55 and 55/200 1 black backdrop and 3 storblight kit(still cluless)a computer with CS3 (still cluless on that too)I have tap our family enough in thinking I don't have enough to go and take professinal pictures. I have these future ideals but just get going is the hard part.I have spent so much money for classes and even a couple online things. My husband said I want you to do this because you can but you need to get some income in.(he was very sweet about it) I want to do Childrens, Pets, and Seniors...My thought is without extra backdrops/props I am clueless how I get going? Do you have any suggestions??(I want to try to do monthly poses (like fall is coming.(I see some things I like to buy(cute props) but with only one income and 4 boys there is no way for me to do that. So for me its really basic which I get a little overwhelmed with HUMM how can I be creative and make this work and have people pay me when there is other to offer more. Are you also still doing podcast (I only see 2008) and are you still selling product?? I love your easy talking your step by step. Please help a new pup waiting to get out there!!!!(and cluless on to do what she has) And again thank you SO VERY MUCH for your giving spirit. You are a blessing:>)
Sherry (from ohio)

Anonymous said...

Can you show us how to do double-image effect in photoshop elements 7? Or can we really use elements for our main editing?

Tom McKinnon said...

hi scott. I bought your "Digital Creations,& asked where I could find the flowers section. You said on the disks I could find what I am looking for.Well, I looked through the set of lessions and did not find it,I found the flowers section but not the Lilly,the one you use on your letter head with the baby on the steam. Where canI find those instructions? Thanks, Tom.

Patrick said...

Hi Scott,

I just came across your site and im looking to set up a photography business. I have not much experience just taking photos with a digital camera and want to know what courses you have available for beginners? I come from Ireland and have not seen alot of work as good as yours and could be on to something here!

I am unemployed with a wife and 2 kids to support and need something to work for me and would greatly appreciate some advice. I love taking pictures and have always dreamed about making a career out of it.

Kind regards,


chillybear said...

Scott you had a "Secret Business Formula". video and i would like to get it but the e mail you sent to get to that page is not working can you send again or send me the web page plz and thks

Scott (NewPortraitBiz) said...

The secret formula video is at the link below.


Anonymous said...

Can you tell me which font was used with the "feet" portrait?

James said...

Hi Scott,

I have a couple of questions for you - on your
video on doing a photo shoot of kid's feet, you
talk about the lab you use for your prints.

Could you let me know what lab that you use?
That would really be handy info; thanks.

Now that you are offering the new photo club membership, are you still offering the Deluxe Portraitbiz package I first read about a few
months ago?

I thought maybe your new photo club membership
has replaced it, but I'm not sure if that is the case.

Thanks for your time with this,


Stacy said...

I have a question for you about a lens. I have been hearing talk about shooting portraits with a ef 70-200mm lens. when I was in school for photography my professor told us that a ef 50mm (he termed it the nifty fifty) was what you wanted to shoot with. What do you use and have you used both, if so what one did you like better and why?

chillybear said...

Stacy I use a 50mm f/1.4 but set it for f/2 its great for portraits can't go wrong on that for sure i have and did some searching and its the one to use

James said...

Hi there, and best wishes for the name change.
You mention how much better a slideshow is with music, but where can you source suitable music, either free or at reasonable cost ?
Such generes as party, holiday, caribbean, baby, wedding etc.

Darren said...

Hi Scott,
I have just watched your latest video about the private members forum, but I don't know how to gain access.

I purchased Newphotobiz some time ago.


Scott (NewPortraitBiz) said...


Email me at and I'll get you the information.


jerrydeutsch said...

Hey Scott,

How's the new name going?

I was wondering if you could do an introductory video on using Lightroom 2? Everyone in photography that I've spoken to or read seems to be using that program.

Anonymous said...

Hi Scott. Have been followig your videos for a while now and I have to say the buisness side you talk about makes a lot of sense.
Live in the UK and wondered if you would send the packs you talked about in the latest video to me, or is it mainly USA based.Do you plan to cater more for the uk market?

Anonymous said...

Really like your program, although I have yet to be able to download the PhotoShop Elements7 that I purchased online for over $100.00+ keep getting a "Fatal Error"message after 99% downloads.Do not understand this Technical issue or what to do next.

Scott (NewPortraitBiz) said...

Yes...we do ship Internationally. We've have many students that live all over the world.

I hope this helps.


Scott (NewPortraitBiz) said...

If anyone is trying to download Photoshop Elements and having problems, try using a different web browser.

We have had a few others that had this problem and said that using FireFox solved the problem.

I'm not sure why this is happening, but it seems like this is the work around.

I hope this helps.


Lynne Wilson said...


I have a rebel XTI, I am looking a new lens for this. I do alot of family and senior settings. I have see many photos that appear similar to mine but theirs seem to POP. They just appear more crisp and bright. What would you recommend? Someone had suggested the 70-200mm /f2.8 to me but it is 1700. + I want to make sure it is the right purchase before I get one? Thanks
Lynne Wilson

Paz said...

Does anyone knows at what size is supposed to be sold the Portrait of the baby with the fish ( The one that sells like crazy)? Is it mounted as well as the feet portrait? the video is amazing, but is never mentioned this, which I'm wondering. thanks!

Scott (NewPortraitBiz) said...

Hi Paz,

The Portrait sizes are 20x24 or 20x30. It's up to the client what size they prefer.

Good Luck!


Anonymous said...

QUESTION URGENTLY is regarding the main packages of $219. The 20 proofs of the package, are the best selection of the photos I chose from the whole shooting? but what about the ones with the digital backdrop? the client can choose to have 20 different proofs (4x6) done out of 20 different digital backdrops (as for example: baby in the bathtub, baby inside flower, baby inside shell, etc)? In this $219 package, when do I introduce all the different backdrops in order that the client can choose which one he likes? But what If I have 50 different backdrops?? How is it?
I am really lost in this point. PLEASE, can any student explain me? anyone who may know it. THANKS very much in advance!

Scott (NewPortraitBiz) said...

I'll try and answer this question and make this much easier to understand.

You never want to give to many options, because that will confuse the client.

If your doing a conventional sitting in a studio, you can take up to 20 shots. These can be various shot s and poses. The client can then fill their package with these poses.

If you're doing a Theme Day the Wash Tub set, than offer just a few poses using that one set. Remember...these are Theme Days, so they are suppose to be easy for you and for your clients. If they want multiple will need to price that accordingly.

I hope this helps.


Anonymous said...

YES, I've got it now!! :)
THANK You SO MUCH Scott, for your help, and even when we all know how busy you are, you are always present and incredibly FAST to answer back. I hope life will always bless you and family for all you do !


Anonymous said...

Hi Scott, I just received the Free report host party. Something i didn't get is: We send both By mailing to the homes AND e-mail the proof for the 5 (or more) people that went to the party?? people may contact me to order more pics of the one I send but in different sizes??? Is this what you mean?
The thing is, my website is still under construction. Now, I only have a printed portfolio 8x10 with what I've done till now, and with the packages information and personal cards with my info.
I could apply the Party host idea as soon as next tuesday BUT, if my website isn't done yet, where I could show my work and explain what I do, still do you suggest me to take action with the party preparation?
thank you so much,

Orlando said...

Hi Scott,
I am interested in the Photogrophy business but I want to know what are the pros and cons for a franchise & start in the ways you are teaching so well.
If posible I will take a Small Business Loan.
Thanks in advance for your answer and for the good work teaching you continuosly do.

Anonymous said...

Scott, Do you remember the name of the gadget you used for the "Give me full access" button?? the one that alouds you to fill the member's email. I can't find it in between the gadgets. Im searching it to adapt it to my blog.

I'd appreciate if you can help me with it.

thank you very much!

Big Dave said...

Greetings Scott,

I am just now cracking open lite edition that you have available. I am finding it very helpfull and answering a lot of questions that I had about learning photography. The question I do have is reguarding techniques on getting children to smile while I'm in a sitting. Is there any spacific trick you use, i.e. silly jokes, puppets or some secret you've learned along your journey. Any info on this would be greatly appreciated.

Dave Borders

Anonymous said...

On one of pricing videos you talked about the Holiday pricing.
It mentioned that you put a label on the back of the photo (the 30 4x8 holiday photos included in the pkg.).

Two reasons: possibly additional holiday photos and / or future business from the recipents of the holiday cards.

What verbage do you put on the label in addition to the copyright you mentioned along with name, phone contact, etc.

Would you let me know and the rest of the people (they might like to know also).

Is it a ink type rubber stamp or a clear or white label that you had preprinted for your business (or created through Microsoft Word and printed on Avery labels).

Would you identify the exact verbage, please.

Also, if you answere the questions here, how does one see your response?


Anonymous said...

Hi! I just found this tonight and I can not stop reading and watching EVERY video!!! ; )
I was wondering if you could answer a few questions soon in a video because that is how I learn best!! ; )
Ok so shooting in RAW vs JPEG??
Also could you show how the studio should be set up with the lighting? I have santa sessions this week and I used a white background and set up snow all over, it is a North Pole theme! It is so cool but having trouble getting it to look more high key and even white. I hate to watse so much time in photoshop fixing it all so I wondered if you could show a few ways on how to set the lighting, say for one child, 3 children etc! I have 2 softboxes, a hair light and 2 side lights so I am just trying to figure out what I need and where! ; ) Thank you so much and thank god I found this amazing site! I think it is truly a blessing to have such kind people out there to share successful tips and be so so helpful!!

Thank you very much!


Savvakis said...

Hi Scott
Can you tell me if you intend to re-release your Newportraitbiz package (The complete system, ie with all the technical and marketing videos as well as the digital backgrounds) any time soon?

Scott (NewportraitBiz) said...

Yes...we'll be doing a limited release before Christmas. We're looking at the first or second week in December.

We'll be announcing this in a few days.

You can visit the link below and be put on our waiting list.


Kun-Tree BumKin Photography said...

Hello again Scott,

I still love your videos and am enjoying every one of them.

I have a quick question. I am specializing in Pet Photography. Do you have any tips or suggestions for photographing pets? I'd love to hear anything you have to help me.

THanks so much

Cheri Perry

Cheri said...

Hello Scott & everyone else!

I am new to the site and trying to figure this all out. Where do I go to get involved in the Forums and everything else available?
Can anyone reach out and help me please????


Anonymous said...

Hello my name is Kelvin I have been doing photography scince i was 8 and now I really need help I don't have a job and no money but I love to make money at what I Love and that's photography please can someone help scott if your reading this I need some help

wyominggal said...

I'm just getting started in photo bus. I've got a couple of senior pics lined up! (YEAH) I'm really excited to try your backgrounds. question #1 will just a wite sheet work for shooting? #2 I have PS elements can I do the enhansments you showed in the video with it? Thanks Brenda

Scott (NewPortraitBiz) said... can use a sheet, but I would recommend white vinyl or a muslin backdrop.

A sheet may show wrinkles and also be to thin and show through. It depends on the thickness of the sheet. can use Photoshop Elements for digital backgrounds and props.

Good Luck!


Anonymous said...

Where do you find or purchase digital props?

Scott (NewPortraitBiz) said...

We have them available at

Camera warehouse said...

I must say your article is astonishing. The clarity of it is simply amazing and no doubt you are a proficient in this field.
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